This was the prelude to my landing in Boston for several years. I got a call from old friend Rich Mendelson. He and his brother Andy (both old compatriots from Syracuse and from Andy Pratt days) had recently purchased Syncro Sound on Newbury Street from The Cars, and Rich had gotten a call asking him to recommend a string arranger for the opening song on this record.
I hadn’t done a string arrangement since the Whiz Kid album for David Werner in 1973, so I was that perfect combination of terrified and excited. I broke out the old orchestration books, “crammed for the exam”, and arrived in Boston with the arrangement in hand. Rich had put together a nice string section from the staff at Berklee, where he was teaching, and I remember when I was conducting the arrangement the artist, who was really just a teen pop singer from Japan, came in and sat on the floor of the studio. Since we were all wearing headphones, all she could hear were the strings in the room. But I looked over and noticed that she was crying, so I figured I had probably done an okay job.
This was the first of all my recordings to be released on “that popular new format” (as David Letterman said), the compact disc.











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