Latest Update: April 2, 2022

Lots of great news to share! First off, after two and a half years of off-and-on work, the new Mary Fahl album, called “Can’t Get It Out Of My Head,” is finally finished. In the midst of all of the craziness and uncertainty in the world, Mary and Mark found themselves returning to the music of their youth, and the warm comfort the nostalgia for that music instilled. You’ll hear fresh readings of music by ELO, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, George Harrison, Richard and Linda Thompson, The Moody Blues, Judy Collins, Nick Drake, Mamas and Papas, and Neil Young. The album once again features a full string section, with Mark providing most of the other instruments. Josh Dekaney contributes drums. The record was mixed in hi-resolution stereo and 5.1 by internationally acclaimed mixer Ronald Prent, and mastered by Darcy Proper. It will be available as a CD and in a Deluxe Edition with the CD and a high-resolution 96/24 BluRay Audio with both stereo and 5.1 mixes.

In other news, Sony Entertainment, which owns RCA, released the first Jukin’ Bone album from 1972, “Whiskey Woman,” to streaming services. Taken from the original masters, which have been lost for all these years, the album is available in a hi-res lossless version on Apple Music and Tidal, and is available as a 24/192 download on HD Tracks. Ironically, if they hadn’t released this by the 50-year mark, the rights of the masters would have reverted back to the band. Coincidence? Either way, it brings a whole new audience to the band, and that’s a good thing.

A glance at the Concert Dates section will show that live dates are back (at least if all goes well and everyone behaves themselves…) Mary Fahl and the band will be out promoting the new record, hitting some new venues for the first time. And the Maniacs are firing up for a bunch of great summer dates.

Lastly, Mark finally gets to play the Guitar Noir date at Setnor Auditorium that has been booked since 2019 and kicked down the road several times because of Covid. It will be great to hear that music in such a beautiful venue.

That’s it for now - here’s to Spring!

Past Updates:

May 27, 2021

Well, who knew that the world as we knew it would end after our last update? All shows and recording sessions at studios were canceled, which left a lot of musicians up the creek.

Mark occupied himself during the beginning of quarantine by posting a nightly series to YouTube of what became his Quarantine Solo Series. Just solo performances played from the heart and designed as a deeply nostalgic and hopefully comforting break from those stressful times. The video series has been assembled on a YouTube Playlist here

The series was followed by a studio recording by Mark at his home studio, recreating the popular songs from the series in a more hi-fi setting. That recording is available at the Archive Store.

The New Year saw the release by Grail Records of a double vinyl gatefold version of Free Will Live at Jabberwocky 1970, the third in their Free Will series. As usual, the label did a most excellent job of honoring the legacy of the band.

And Mark got together remotely with his Free Will/Jukin' Bone partner, Joe Whiting, to write and record a brand new album, Down In The Dirt, which features 11 new original songs written by Mark and Joe, with co-writing assistance by another old bandmate, George Egosarian, on 4 of the songs. The record should be out in June of this year. The album is available at the Archive Store.

The BluRay Audio release of Mary Fahl's From The Dark Side of the Moon garnered Mary, producers David Werner and Mark Doyle, and mixer Bob Clearmountain an award for Best Immersive Recording 2020 from IAA.

And the song Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas from Mary's Winter Songs and Carols album, produced by Mark, received an Independent Music Award for Best Christmas Song.

In live date news, after 16 months of not performing, dates are coming in for the Mary Fahl Band, Mark Doyle and The Maniacs, the Doyle Whiting Band, and Mark Doyle's Guitar Noir.

We hope that this Summer will see a return to a more normal and safe time for all of us!

January 13, 2020

Happy New Year and New Decade! Here's what's happened since the last update:

Jukin' Bone played a sold-out show last September at Auburn Public Theater and released a double DVD of their outdoor show in Chevy Court, where they performed before thousands of people. The second disc is chock full of bonus material including rare videos from 1973, band interviews from the "Unfinished Business" sessions, and the official lyric videos from "Unfinished Business." And 2020 will see the next release in the series of vintage Free Will on 180g vinyl from Grail Records in Italy - this one a live recording of the band captured at the legendary Jabberwocky on the SU campus in 1971.

Mark brought his Guitar Noir project to Auburn Public Theater last November for their first live date since 2015. They performed the entire new album, "Watching the Detectives: Guitar Noir III" and various favorites. Speaking of the new album, a cascade of positive reviews have come in and they can all be read here.

And over the summer of 2019, Mark produced a new album from Mary Fahl, called "Winter Songs and Carols," which also got amazing reviews and sales. Look for some special Christmas shows from Mary at the end of 2020. And more exciting Mary Fahl news: Rimar Records will soon be releasing a special limited, signed audiophile edition of "From the Dark Side of the Moon" on BluRay, featuring 24bit/96k stereo and 5.1 mixes. It will be the first time that Bob Clearmountain's legendary surround mix will be available to the public. The disc will be audio only, no video content.

That's it for now - bundle up and see you in Spring!

May 9, 2019

The long long winter is finally gone, and Spring is here. A lot has happened since the last update:

Jukin' Bone played two sold-out shows at Auburn Public Theater and an outdoor show in Chevy Court before thousands of people. The APT shows were documented on a double DVD, on sale now.
The band has a show coming up at APT this September 7th, as part of Tomato Fest. A new DVD documenting the Chevy Court show from last summer will be available then.

The 2019 Sammy Awards took place in March. Mark had four albums nominated: Jukin' Bone's "Unfinished Business," "Forgottensong Volumes 1 and 2," and Emma Jude's "Pocket Full of Postcards." Emma won the gold for Best Pop CD.

Mark has completed recording a new Guitar Noir album, to commemorate 20 years since the release in 1999 of the original Guitar Noir. The new record is called "Watching the Detectives: Guitar Noir III" and focuses on detective and spy themes from the 50's, 60's and 70's as well as originals true to the genre. It features, along with Mark, Josh Dekaney on drums, and a string section featuring Ally Brown, Shelby Dems, Jonathan Hwang and Joe Davoli on violins and Kate LaVerne on cello. Release date is May 17. A show is booked for November 2 at APT with more in the works.

And it will be a busy performing Summer and Fall for Mark Doyle and The Maniacs and the Mary Fahl Band.

All of the CD's and DVD's mentioned above and more are available for purchase at The Archive Store. That's it for now - looking forward to Rockin' Summer!

May 17, 2018

The long long winter is finally gone, and Spring is here. So far this year we've seen the release of four new albums that Mark produced and played on: Emma Jude's "Pocket Full of Postcards," Jukin' Bone's "Unfinished Business," and Forgottensong "Volume One" and "Volume Two." Russ Tarby wrote a most excellent review of the Jukin' Bone album for the Syracuse New Times - read it here.

And speaking of Jukin' Bone, the band will be performing two historic shows at Auburn Public Theater on August 17 and 18, in their only area appearance. Get tickets here.

Mark's gig as Music Director/guitarist/pianist for Mary Fahl will take him all over the Northeast this summer and Fall, including stops in Jim Thorpe, PA, Natick, MA, Norfolk, CT, Sellersville, PA, Geneseo, NY, Washington, DC and Philadelphia, PA. Check out the Dates page for dates and times.

Mark Doyle and The Maniacs also have a bunch of great outdoor concerts lined up, making stops at the Riverlink Festival in Amsterdam, NY, Hoopes Park in Auburn, NY, HarborFest in Oswego, NY and Blues on the Bridge in Binghampton, NY. 3/4 of The Maniacs are also featured on the new Forgottensong Volume One disc.

All of these CD's and more are available for purchase at The Archive Store.

That's it for now - looking forward to Rockin' Summer!

February 24, 2018

By far the biggest news is that Jukin' Bone has recorded a brand-new studio album, their first in 44 years! With original members Joe Whiting, Mark Doyle, George Egosarian and John DeMaso Miralles, the band enlisted special guest Josh Dekaney on drums and percussion and wrote 9 brand new original songs and also laid down their interpretation of the classic "Today I Sing the Blues." Writing commenced in secret directly after the Sammy Awards last March (where Jukin' Bone was inducted into the Hall of Fame) and continued until recording sessions proceeded over the summer at More Sound and Near Miss, with Mark producing. Spurred on by all of the good will generated by the HOF Award, the band asked themselves the question, "what if we had another chance to finally make the record we always knew we could make?" Well, guys, mission accomplished! The official release date is March 2nd. You can order here - and visit the band's website and Facebook page for an ongoing treasure trove of videos, photos and interviews, new and old.

In other news, Emma Jude's new CD, "Pocket Full of Postcards" was released in January, and the Forgottensong albums (divided into Volume One and Volume Two) have been mixed and mastered and are in the final stages of artwork before their impending release. The two volumes will be staggered about 3 months apart.

Mark Doyle and The Maniacs completed the recording of their unique interpretation of 3 Led Zeppelin songs for the upcoming "Tribute To Led Zeppelin," a CD and vinyl release on the Italian Akarma label slated for later this year.

That's it for now - looking forward to Spring!

June 22, 2017

Jukin' Bone, Mark's original band that started as Free Will in 1967 and included Joe Whiting, George Egosarian, John DeMaso and Tom Glaister, was finally inducted into the Syracuse Are Music Awards (SAMMY) Hall of Fame in March. Joe, Mark and John attended the awards dinner, and were inducted by original street team members David Rezak and Joe DeMaso. You can find the induction ceremony speeches here.

Serendipitously, the band was approached shortly thereafter by an Italian label, Graile Records (a division of Akarma, the mother company that released "Voodoo Crossing," the Jimi Hendrix tribute albums Mark was featured on) who have signed a deal to lease early Free Will titles on limited edition 180 gram vinyl with gatefold sleeves. The albums will also be available for digital download. We'll keep you posted as they are released.

Mark Doyle and The Maniacs also released the sequel to their last album, "Raw," called "2Raw" in June. It features the rest of the incendiary set recorded at the Dinosaur Bar-B-Que in Syracuse last October. The album is available here.

Lots of live dates coming up, but one very special one is a date at Auburn Public Theater on September 9 with the Doyle-Whiting Band, celebrating 50 years (!) since Mark and Joe Whiting met and formed Free Will. They have continued working together ever since, through thick and thin, so come on out and celebrate a great partnership with a set that's guaranteed to hit all of the career highlights.

In production news, Mark continues to work on the Forgottensong project, which features the songs of Scott Allyn with each song being cast with different lead vocalists, including Riley Mahan, Emma Jude, Maureen Henesey, Gary Frenay, Arty Lenin, and Phil Broikos. Also featured are Second Line Syracuse on a great brass arrangement by Mark, and, from Guitar Noir, Kate Laverne and Shelby Dems along with Joe Davoli for some great string arrangements.

And Mark also found time to produce another five songs for Emma Jude, to be combined with the previous five from Emma's SAMMY-nominated EP into a full-length CD. We'll keep you posted on the release date.

December 6, 2016

As 2016 comes to a close, we look back on some highlights: Mary Fahl and her band (with Mark as Music Director, guitarist, and grand pianist) played some great shows, but two that were especially unusual and unique were: a performance with the Youth Orchestra of Buck's County doing full symphonic versions of some of Mary's repertoire, and a concert at the Ruben Museum in NYC as part of the Naked Soul series that presented the band with guest cellist Kate Laverne doing completely unamplified chamber arrangements of Mary's songs.

Mark also guested with The Richards in a very rare performance in tribute to their late singer, Norm Mattice, as part of the Bright Lights Reunion at Funk 'n Waffles in July.

A recording collaboration in August with Gary Frenay and Tommy Allen of The Flashcubes resulted in Mark providing strings and keyboards on their version of the Bond theme, "Moonraker," for an up-coming all-star Bond tribute album, "Songs. Bond Songs."

In other Mary Fahl news, the band will be premiering the entire "From The Dark Side of the Moon" album at Auburn Public Theater on Saturday, Jan. 21. Tickets are available here for what promises to be an extraordinary night. Look for an immersive experience!

Finally, a new live album from the current line-up of Mark Doyle and the Maniacs, "Raw," recorded on a hot, steamy night at the Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, was pre-released in time for Christmas. Two very good reasons to buy the new CD are the incendiary version of Jimi Hendrix's classic "Red House," and the almost 25-minute "Live Snakes Prelude - History of Rock and Roll," a truly spellbinding and jaw-dropping journey through the classic music of The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac, Buffalo Springfield, Jimi Hendrix, and Led Zeppelin, to name a few. You can order it here.

That's it for now - Happy Holidays, lots of exciting news coming in 2017!

February 7, 2016

The year ended with a great review in Vintage Guitar of Mark Doyle’s Guitar Noir - One November Night – Live In Concert. Read the review here.

There are some new releases to talk about: the double DVD, "Out of the Past - Live!" is out now and available at The Archive Store and CD Baby. There are several nice reviews from fans on the CD Baby site.

Also just released in The Archive Store: Mark Doyle - Seventies Solo Sessions and Free Will - The Basement Tapes 1970-71. Read all about them and order from here.

Two of last year's CDs that Mark was involved in, Josh Dekaney's Reel Time Evolution, and Emma Jude's The One Person Game have been nominated for SAMMY Awards this year. Congrats to Josh and Emma (and Mark) on the nominations.

And concert dates are being added for Mark Doyle and The Maniacs and the Mary Fahl Band - check out all dates here.

That’s it for now – let's hope the winter continues to behave itself here in the Northeast!

November 26, 2015

Mark has had a busy 2015. Besides live dates with Mary Fahl and Mark Doyle and The Maniacs, he performed the entire Out Of The Past album with his Guitar Noir project at Auburn Public Theater for an upcoming DVD release. The show was filmed with 4 HD cameras and mixed in 5.1 surround sound.

Mark also performed at Jazz Fest, first on Friday night with the Apple Jazz Band, and then on Saturday night as guitarist/contractor for the legendary Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin.

The year also saw the release of 4 new CDs and one BluRay disc featuring Mark in various capacities. He contributed mightily to Gary Frenay’s new CD, File Under Pop Vocal, producing/co-writing/mixing one song and adding keyboards and string arrangements to several others. He released a double live CD from Mark Doyle’s Guitar Noir called One November Night – Live In Concert, recorded at their OCC concert in November 2014. Disc One features a live performance of In Dreams: Guitar Noir II in its entirety. Reviews of the disc can be found here and the disc can be purchased here.

He also contributed production, mastering and playing to the new solo album from Mary Fahl/Guitar Noir drummer Josh Dekaney, called Reel Time Evolution, and produced a 5-song EP from talented new artist Emma Jude called The One Person Game.

Finally, Mark is featured on the new BluRay disc of the final 30th year performance from The Apple Jazz Band. It’s a gorgeous looking and sounding disc, and can be purchased here.

And this is the season for special holiday bundle prices at The Archive Store. These prices will run from Nov. 27 – Dec. 31st.

That’s it for now – Happy Holidays!

January 20, 2015

Happy New Year! 2014 was a real Bucket List year:

There were dates with Mary Fahl all over the Northeast and the release of Mary and the band’s double CD, “Live At Mauch Chunk Opera House.”

The Maniacs added lots of new material and premiered at some new venues like Mauch Chunk Opera House, Oswego Harborfest and the Westcott Cultural Fair.

And Mark fulfilled a life-long dream by revamping his beloved Guitar Noir project with the addition of a 5-piece string ensemble and performing a sold-out show at Auburn Public Theater in May (where they premiered a live performance of the entire “In Dreams” album,) a one-hour set on the main stage at Jazz Fest 2014 in July, and another sold-out show at the new Recital Hall at OCC in November. That show was recorded multi-track and Mark has been hard at work mixing it for the last 6 weeks. A double CD, “One November Night – Mark Doyle’s Guitar Noir Live In Concert” will be available in time for the group’s next show on April 4th at Auburn Public Theater. Buy tickets here

Mark Doyle and The Maniacs play a special Sunday show on March 15th at the new Funk ‘N Waffles venue downtown Syracuse, from 6 – 9 PM. Buy tickets here.

And look for a new Maniacs CD this year! So there’s lots of exciting stuff in the pipeline – more to be announced.

Stay warm – see you at a show.

November 1, 2014



Mark Doyle’s Guitar Noir Project To Perform Its First Full Syracuse Engagement on November 22 at New OCC Recital Hall

Syracuse, NY...... Jazz Fest founder and producer Frank Malfitano announced today that Syracuse Jazz Fest has added a 5th concert featuring Mark Doyle's Guitar Noir Project to its 6th Annual Legends of Jazz Series at OCC on Saturday, November 22nd at 7:30 pm in the college's new Recital Hall.

The as yet unnamed recital hall is located in the Onondaga Hill campus's newest addition - Academic Two - which houses the college's music department.

Patrons attending the November 22nd concert at OCC should enter via the college' north entrance on Rte 173, follow signs at third left for Parking Lots 6 & 7 on the attached campus map. Academic II is the large white building on the right located across from the parking lot. The new Recital Hall is directly inside the building's entrance.

Tickets for this first-ever full Syracuse performance by Guitar Noir are priced at $20 in advance and $25 on the day of the show, and are on sale now at Sound Garden in Armory Square, located at 312 West Jefferson Street.

The November 22nd concert at OCC will feature guitarist Mark Doyle's critically-acclaimed ten-piece Guitar Noir Project, which features a core quintet comprised of Doyle and Terry Quill on guitars, Bill DiCosimo on keyboards, Edgar Pagan on bass, and Joshua Dekaney on drums, along with a 5-piece Guitar Noir String Ensemble comprised of Ally Brown, Shelby Dems, and Leila Dean on violins, Claire Marie Wilcox on viola and Kate LaVerne on cello.

Guitar Noir at OCC 2-2-2

The group was last seen on the main stage at Syracuse Jazz Fest in July 2014 when they appeared with Big Bad Voodoo Daddy and Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue at Jazz Fest 32, and this will be their last Central New York area performance until April 2015.

This season's 4-part 2014/2015 AAC Legends of Jazz Series produced by Syracuse Jazz Fest, initially featured performances by NEA Jazz Masters Chick Corea and Jimmy Heath, rising star, “Best New Female Vocalist” and Grammy Nominee Cecile McLorin Salvant and Grammy Winners The Rebirth Brass Band of New Orleans.

But after the band's stunning regional debut at Jazz Fest, both Malfitano and Doyle wanted to stage a full performance for Syracuse audiences before year's end so the addition to this season's Legends of Jazz Series loomed as a perfect opportunity.

Doyle says, “We wanted to do an intimate show in Syracuse – we got to do one last May at Auburn Public Theater, which sold out, but at that point we only featured the strings in the first set. We now have two complete sets that feature the strings – we’ll be reprising the entire “In Dreams” album in Set One like we did at APT, and then throwing in some of the funkier R&B stuff that we did at Jazz Fest in set two, as well as some surprising new things that we’ve never played. I’m grateful to Frank for suggesting OCC’s new recital hall – I really didn’t want to wait until next April to perform again with this project. And as the nights get longer and we head toward winter, the Noir concept really starts to take on an added dimension.”

Malfitano went on to say that the project was simply too stellar to lay dormant over the winter months. “Mark, as everyone knows, is a Legend, and a 7-time SAMMY winner and SAMMYS Hall of Famer who's equally adept at Blues, Rock, Pop and Jazz, but this Tentet and chamber/jazz/rock ensemble is a very special and unique project that really deserves to be seen in its entirety. Because of time limitations at Jazz Fest we were only able to scratch the surface of this amazing presentation this past summer, so presenting it in its entirety in late November was simply too irresistable an opportunity to pass up.”

Click here to view or download the OCC campus map.

October 10, 2014
The tickets for the last "Mark Doyle's Guitar Noir" performance of 2014 will go on sale tomorrow, October 11, for $20 (cash only) at Sound Garden in Armory Square - (315) 473-4343! ($25 at the door)
Don't wait too long, there are only 150 tickets available.
The concert will be held at Onondaga Community College in Syracuse, NY - Saturday, November 22. More details tba soon.

June 25, 2014
After an artistically and commercially triumphant sold-out concert at Auburn Public Theater on May 16, Mark Doyle’s Guitar Noir will be performing at Syracuse Jazz Fest on Friday, July 11 at 6:30 PM. This Show features all-new string arrangements of a lot of the material from Guitar Noir and Out of the Past that the band performed without strings at the theater show, plus a version with strings of Cannonball Adderly’s Jive Samba that has never been recorded. The band is comprised of Mark on guitar, Joshua Dekaney on drums, Bill DiCosimo on keys, Edgar Pagan on bass, Terry Quill on guitar, Ally Brown, Shelby Dems and Leila Dean on violins, Michelle Wilcox on viola, and Kate Wilkinson on cello.

We finally have some great videos of Mark Doyle’s Guitar Noir created by Sandra Jackson up on Mark’s YouTube page. Look for them here, and be sure to subscribe to the channel so you can be the first to see any new videos.

Mark also performed at the final Apple Jazz 30th Anniversary concert with Charlie Bertini and a whole host of luminaries That concert was filmed and recorded for an upcoming DVD release.

Mary Fahl returns to Mauch Chunk Opera House on Saturday, June 28, with Mark as Music Director/Guitarist/Grand Pianist and a band of Syracuse musicians that includes Bill DiCosimo on keys, Edgar Pagan on bass, and Joshua Dekaney on drums. The show will be recorded for an up-coming Live CD from Mary. Look for lots more dates in the Fall.

And Mark Doyle and The Maniacs are all over the place this summer, and just landed a show at Mauch Chunk Opera House on Sept. 27. Check out The Maniacs’ website.

Finally, don’t forget the reunion of The Doyle-Whiting Band on Saturday, Aug. 2 at Deauville Park in Auburn. This is guaranteed to burn!

March 13, 2014
Last Friday, at the 2014 Syracuse Area Music Awards, Mark Doyle and The Maniacs proudly accepted the SAMMY award in the Best Blues category for "Pushin'." Both albums "Pushin'" and "Live and Burnin'" were nominated for the coveted award.

February 19, 2014
Mark continues his gig as Music Director/Guitarist/Grand Pianist for long-time friend Mary Fahl. The band played The Cutting Room in NYC on February 10 to ecstatic reviews, and a live CD and DVD from the Mauch Chunk show from last October is in post-production now.
Mary and the band are taping the syndicated NPR radio show “Echoes” on March 15 and playing a show that night at The Kennett Flash in Kennett Square, PA. The following week they will be performing on March 22 at the Katherine Hepburn Theater in Old Saybrook, Conn. Other upcoming dates include a return to Mauch Chunk Opera House on June 28 and a Syracuse date at The Redhouse Arts Center on October 4.

Mark Doyle and The Maniacs were nominated twice in the same category for this year’s SAMMY Awards: both “Pushin’” and “Live and Burnin’” are nominees in the Best Blues CD category. The Sammy Awards take place at the Palace Theater in Syracuse on March 7.

In other exciting news, Mark is reinstating his Guitar Noir project for a special concert at the Auburn Public Theater on May 16. With a band that includes Bill DiCosimo, Josh Dekaney, Edgar Pagan and Terry Quill, the evening will be divided into two sets. Set one is a very special performance of the entire “In Dreams: Guitar Noir II” CD that will have the band augmented by a 5-piece string ensemble. It will be the first time that any of the material from “In Dreams” has ever been performed live. Set two will feature material from “Guitar Noir” and “Out of the Past,” sans strings. This is the only theatrical presentation of this event.

Also in the works, a reunion of the Doyle-Whiting Band featuring Mark and long-time partner Joe Whiting, taking place at the Deauville Music Fest on Owasco Lake in Auburn, NY on Saturday, August 2.

That’s it for now – Spring is coming, it really is!

November 22, 2013
Mark followed up the triumphant gig at Mauch Chunk Opera House as music director/guitarist/keyboardist with Mary Fahl with a duo date with Mary for the Voices of September 11 6th Annual Gala in NYC at Guastavino’s. Hosted by Joan Lunden and featuring a keynote address by Hillary Clinton, Mary and Mark were both very honored to be a part of this remembrance by performing Mary’s song “Dawning of the Day” and two others.
More full band dates are coming up in 2014, with the Katherine Hepburn Cultural Arts Center in Old Saybrook, CT confirmed for March 22 and several more dates to be announced.

In studio news, Mark has completed production on one song for Gary Frenay’s new album. The song, called “It’s Your Heart,” was co-written by Mark and Gary and features Mark on electric guitars, bass, and keyboards along with Gary on lead vocal and acoustic guitars, Tommy Allen on drums, Nick Frenay on flugelhorn, and Riley Mahan on backing vocals.

Mark has also completed a new jazz piano trio album, “Beautiful Love”. It’s available for purchase at The Archive Store.

October 24, 2013
The archive store has got a few new offerings. The newest addition is a live recording of FREE WILL at Mother Earth in Texas, 1971, and check out the Holiday Bundles; (13) Jukin' Bone/Free Will CDs for $140, the Mark Doyle and The Maniacs collection for $60 and Mark's Solo work for $50. Happy shopping!

Past Updates Cont:

August 16, 2013
Exciting news for Mary Fahl fans: Mark has been enlisted as music director/guitarist/pianist by Mary to lead a full band in concerts at select Opera Houses in the Northeast. Besides Mark, the band also includes Bill DiCosimo on keyboards, Edgar Pagan on bass, and Josh Dekaney on drums. The band’s first date is at the lovely Mauch Chunk Opera House in Jim Thorpe, PA. on Saturday, September 7th. The concert will consist of material spanning Mary’s entire career, including songs from her soon-to-be-released album “Love and Gravity,” as well as healthy portions of her work with October Project, selections from her Sony Classical album “The Other Side of Time,” and a big chunk of “From The Dark Side of the Moon,” which was produced by Mark and David Werner. The show will be filmed for a DVD and live CD. Tickets for the show are available here

July 10, 2013
The Maniacs are rocking across Central New York for one of the hottest summers on record. If you can’t catch them live you can now have the next-best thing: a hot-off-the-press new CD of the band recorded live to multi-track in New Hartford on June 22, 2013 called “Live and Burnin’”. Mixed painstakingly by Mark over 7 days, and then mastered by Jason “Jocko” Randall at More Sound, the CD features great art design by Sandra Jackson. This baby was turned around faster than when Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young did “Ohio!” Available at all of our gigs and at The Archive Store.

June 6, 2013
It's almost Summer! We are happy to announce two brand-new additions to The Archive Store: Jukin' Bone - Electric Lady Sessions (featuring over 76 minutes of unreleased material recorded at Electric Lady Studios in 1971) and Jukin' Bone - Shoreline Farewell 1973 (the very last performance from the band.) Lovingly mastered and edited by Mark using 24-bit technology and premium noise reduction, both feature collector's booklets. Read more about it and Order here.
Scheduled for release in the Fall, look for more rarities: Free Will Live at Mother Earth, Austin, TX 1971 and Free Will: The Basement Tapes.
The summer schedule for Mark Doyle and The Maniacs provides many opportunities to see this great band live. The full schedule is always up-to-date on the Maniacs website.

April 30, 2013
Spring has finally come to Central New York, and Mark is celebrating with a studio reunion with Andy Pratt. These two have a long history together, and work is progressing at Near Miss, Mark's studio, on three new songs: "Three Ring Circus", "Killer Smile", and "Trial By Fire". Andy is in great voice and is writing really great songs these days.
There are plenty of opportunities this Summer to see Mark play live with his band, Mark Doyle and The Maniacs. Check out the Maniacs web site, for all the latest tour dates.

March 18, 2013
Check out the archive store for reduced prices on several albums. Also now available are the separate albums of Jukin' Bone ("Whiskey Woman" and "Way Down East"), previously only available in the "2 On 1" CD set.

Feb. 22, 2013
It's hard to know the players without a scorecard, but Phil Broikos has left Mark Doyle and The Maniacs. The long commute to and from his home in Rochester and the day-to-day responsibilities of his family business necessitated the decision. We wish Phil all the best and welcome the great Pete McMahon into the fold. Pete is a former member of Savoy Brown and The Kingsnakes (who Mark produced) and is also a featured player on the new Pushin' CD and DVD. Anyone who was at The Redhouse CD release party on Dec. 22 where Pete was a special guest knows what a perfect fit he is. Rehearsals with Pete are starting to smoke, and this should be a really excellent line-up. First gig is March 22 at Carnegie Cafe.
The April 2013 issue of Vintage Guitar has a great review of Pushin' written by Rick Allen. We quote: " Doyle is a whiz of a guitarist and a champion of late-60s blues rock. Spirited originals run alongside cherry-picked covers like John Mayall's "I'm Your Witchdoctor" for a pugnacious little album that hits all the right receptors." Short and sweet!
Congratulations to former Maniac Jack "Penetrator" Lipton on his Sammy nomination. Forgotten Boy has been nominated for Best Rock CD of 2012! Keeping it in the family, Mark produced, performed, recorded and mixed the seven new tracks, and former Maniac Terry Quill co-wrote 3 of the songs and also plays harp and guitar on the record. Way to go, Jack - we'll be rooting for you on Friday, March 8 at The Palace Theater in Syracuse.
In other Sammy news, Ronnie Leigh's album Live at Apple Jazz was nominated for Best Jazz CD. Mark is featured as a guitarist throughout.

Fans of Mark's solo albums may want to take advantage of a March Madness Sale at CD Baby. All three solo CDs are discounted down from $14 to $9.99.


That's it for now - stay warm!

Dec. 28, 2012
Since the last update, the new version of Mark Doyle and The Maniacs debuted in May, with longtime drummer Frank DeFonda and Mark joining forces with Joel Kane on bass, 2nd guitar and vocals, and Phil Broikos on bass, 2nd guitar, keyboards, trombone, harmonica and vocals. The new lineup is out playing some incendiary shows, and has hit the studio to record the third Maniacs album, called “Pushin’.” After two albums that paid homage to the British Blues Boom of the Sixties, and specifically Doyle's heroes Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Peter Green and Kim Simmonds, the release of "Pushin'" shows The Maniacs standing on their own feet with a bluesy, rockin' and (dare we say it) mature release of mostly original music. Included along with the six brand new Doyle originals is a stunning version of Jukin' Bone's "Nightcrawler", a turbo-charged version of Freddie King's "Palace of the King" and a final tip of the hat to British Blues godfather John Mayall with "I'm Your Witchdoctor."
Along with the band, look for special guest artists Pete McMahon on harmonica, Darryl Pugh on upright bass, and Marcia Hagan, Kathy Goode and Jennifer Davis on backing vocals. The record was once again produced by Mark and engineered, mixed and mastered at More Sound by Jason “Jocko” Randall.
The band also enlisted videographer Juan Junco and editor Sandra Jackson to document the sessions in an excellent “rockumentary” DVD called “The Making of Pushin’,” an indispensable companion piece to the album, featuring interviews, commentary, performances, official videos, and all the inner-sanctum goings-on involved in the producing of a record.
You can order the new CD on CDBaby
or order both CD and DVD right here on The Archive Store.
Thanks to all who joined the band for the special CD/DVD Release Party at The Redhouse on Dec. 22.
That’s it for now – Happy Holidays!

Mark’s brand new solo album, “In Dreams: Guitar Noir II” is out and has been garnering great reviews, which you can read by clicking on the album’s cover on the Discography page.
Also released: Jack “Penetrator” Lipton’s new album, “Forgotten Boy,” and a great children’s record that Mark produced, featuring him and his two sisters Lisa and Amy Doyle. The group has been named 3D (for 3 Doyles) and the disc is called “Lion Face Song.” All of the above mentioned discs are available on CD Baby.
Fans of Mark’s jazz piano playing who enjoyed “Indian Summer” last year may want to check out his new release, “Christmastime Is Here,” a selection of holiday favorites done in the jazz style. Available on The Archive Store page of the site.
Mark Doyle and The Maniacs won the Sammy Award for Best Blues CD for the second year in a row, this time for their disc “Comin’ Home.”
In rather sad news, The Maniacs played their last show with their current line-up at The Redhouse on Nov. 19. Terry Quill (second guitar, harp and vocals) and Michael P. Ryan (bass and vocals) are leaving because of work-related issues with their day jobs. We wish them the very best. Auditions are in progress to replace the guys and the band will continue with Mark and Frank DeFonda on drums.
That’s it for now – Happy Holidays to all!

It’s beautiful autumn in Central New York and time for our Fall Update. This past Spring finally saw the release of Mary Fahl’s “From The Dark Side Of The Moon”, produced by Mark and David Werner and available as a digital-only release on iTunes and You can also enjoy the album on Spotify. Mark and Mary had a reunion at Mary’s wedding in July, where they treated the small gathering to an acoustic duo performance of “Brain Damage” and “Eclipse.”
And September 30th marks the official release date of Mark’s long-awaited follow up to Guitar Noir, called “In Dreams: Guitar Noir II.” It will be available as both a digital release and as a limited edition Pro-CDR from CDBaby. You can read all about the making of it by clicking on its icon on the discog page.

Mark Doyle & The Maniacs had a busy summer playing several key festivals, including Blues Fest in Syracuse, McCauley Mountain Music Fest in Old Forge, and Sterling Stage in Sterling. They also were support act for Robin Trower at the Westcott Theater in June, and will be support act for The Zombies at Oneonta Theater on Sept. 11. After Mark returns from a trip to London, England in October the band will hit the studio in November to begin recording an EP of all-original songs, followed by a live concert recording for release on DVD and CD.
Also slated for release in the Fall is an anthology album from Jack “Penetrator” Lipton, garage-rock pioneer and former singer of The Maniacs. Besides a choice few blasts from the past, there are six new songs produced by Mark. The record is called “Forgotten Boy.”
In other production, Mark and David Werner finished co-producing 5 songs for artist Maddie Georgie, now renamed Madison.
French singer/ songwriter Violette de Bartillat is still working on her follow-up CD, for which Mark is providing string arrangements and guitar.
That’s it for now – more updates to come.

It’s beautiful autumn in Central New York and time for our Fall Update. The big news is that Mark Doyle and The Maniacs took home a Sammy at the 2010 Sammy Awards, held at the On Center in Syracuse, NY. The band was awarded Best Blues CD for 2009’s “Shake ‘Em On Down: A Salute To The 60s British Blues Boom.” The band also closed the show with a scorching 20-minute performance.
The following day Mark was part of a Producer’s Panel at the first ever MIC Conference, also at the On Center.
And October saw the launch of the band’s official website,
Mark has been busy playing live dates with the band, who enlisted manager Greg Jackson to oversee their affairs. Check the website for up-to-the-minute news and live dates.
August saw the release of Michael Gordon’s second CD, “Keep Me In The Basement,” produced/arranged/co-performed by Mark. And coming in November, the long-awaited first-ever solo album from original Free Will/Jukin’ Bone member George Egosarian, called “Songs Over Time,” also produced/arranged/co-performed by Mark.
In other production, Mark is 3 songs into co-producing artist Maddie Georgie with old compadre David Werner. The pair also lent production skills to Ronda Z’s album, “Reverie,” out now.
French singer/ songwriter Violette de Bartillat is working on her follow-up CD, for which Mark is providing string and horn arrangements.
And lastly, The Maniacs take over The Redhouse in Armory Square again on Saturday, Oct. 23rd.

Apologies for the long time between updates. Over the course of the last year, the album Mark produced for talented singer/songwriter Michael Gordon, “Dream Board”, was released and is available on CD Baby and Amazon. As a matter of fact, Michael and Mark just finished the follow-up CD, which is due out this Fall.

French singer/ songwriter Violette de Bartillat released her album as well, also available from those outlets and featuring Mark’s string arrangements and guitar work.

Also over the course of the long winter Mark concentrated on writing and doing demos for the second album from his band, Mark Doyle & The Maniacs. The band premiered all of the new originals in the course of their live dates, finally culminating in another few days of intense sessions at More Sound in March. The result, a brand new Maniacs album called “Comin’ Home”, was released in early May. The band plays a CD Release party at The Redhouse in Syracuse on May 22.

Opportunities to see Mark play live this summer are:

May 22 – Redhouse, Syracuse (Maniacs)
June 2 – Quaker Steak & Lube, Syracuse (Maniacs)
June 5 – Dwyer Memorial Park (Apple Jazz w. Charlie Bertini Band)
July 13 – Hoopes Park, Auburn (Maniacs)
Aug 24 – Hoopes Park, Auburn (Maniacs)
Sept 1 – Quaker Steak & Lube, Syracuse (Maniacs)
Sept 25 – Harley Performance Center, Syracuse (Maniacs)

More live dates will be announced as we go. Please check for up-to-date additions.

That’s it for now – have a glorious Summer!

Apologies for the long time between updates. Since last writing, Mark was enlisted as Music Director and lead guitarist/keyboardist/ backing vocalist for the CD Release Party of Laura Austin’s long-awaited album, “Bittersweetheart” (yes, it finally got released!) With a killer band assembled by Mark (Scott Allyn – acoustic guitar and songwriter; Peg Newell – guitars and backing vocals; John Goodwin – keyboards and backing vocals; Michael P. Ryan –bass and backing vocals, and Cathy LaManna on drums), they ruled The Redhouse for two shows on April 4, 2009 to an ecstatic response. A lot of preparation went into the shows: the band rehearsed for two months.

Also over the course of the long winter Mark produced and played on an upcoming CD from talented singer/songwriter Michael Gordon, who is expecting a Fall release for the project.

Mark also traveled to Boston to do string arrangements and guitar work on an album for up and coming French singer/ songwriter Violette de Bartillat.

And in the midst of a February blizzard, Mark went into the studio and in two days knocked off the debut album from his new band, Mark Doyle & The Maniacs. The record is called “Shake ‘Em On Down: A Salute To The 60s British Blues Boom” and is a fiery homage to the four great guitarists that most influenced Mark in his formative years: Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, Peter Green, and Kim Simmonds. The band features Terry Quill on harmonica and 2nd guitar, Jack “Penetrator” Lipton on vocals, Michael P. Ryan on bass and vocals, and Frank DeFonda on drums and percussion. The record was produced by Mark and recorded, mixed and mastered by Jocko at More Sound in Syracuse. It’s just been released and the band debuted at Taste of Syracuse on June 5 to ecstatic reviews, following up with a headlining slot at Inner Harbor on July 1.

On July 25 The Maniacs go deep catalogue and play an entire night of British Blues Boom music at Bear Bones in Auburn, from 9-12:30.

Opportunities to see Mark play live this summer are:

May 23 – Paper Mill Island, Baldwinsville (The Doyle – Whiting Band)
May 30 – Dwyer Memorial Park (Apple Jazz 25th Anniversary)
June 5 – The Taste of Syracuse, Clinton Square (debut of Mark Doyle & The Maniacs)
July 1 – Inner Harbor, Syracuse Mark Doyle & The Maniacs)
July 21 – Hoopes Park, Auburn (The Doyle – Whiting Band)
July 26 – Bear Bones, Auburn (Mark Doyle & The Maniacs)
July 26 – Sherwood Inn R&B Fest, Skaneateles (The Doyle – Whiting Band)

More live dates will be announced as we go. Please check for up-to-date additions.

That’s it for now – have a glorious Summer!

The reuniting of Mark and old partner Joe Whiting for a new album, “The Truth” and a series of live dates last summer was a resounding success. As a result, “The Truth” just won a Sammy Award for Best Rock Album, and has been the impetus for a DVD biopic called “The Truth – The Story of Mark Doyle & Joe Whiting”. Directed by Timothy Daniel, the documentary spans the entire career of Mark and Joe, together and separately, over the forty years that they’ve been collaborating. The B-Side of the double-sided disc features the legendary Storytellers Concert at The Redhouse last October 20th. The DVD is out on June 9th and is having a premiere screening at The Redhouse on June 24th.

Opportunities to see Mark play live this summer are:
May 24 – Paper Mill Island, Baldwinsville (The Doyle – Whiting Band)

May 31 – Dwyer Memorial Park (Apple Jazz Band)
June 14 – The Redhouse (Mark guests on a few songs at the Andy Pratt solo show)
June 24 – The Redhouse (Premiere of “The Truth” biopic – Mark and Joe will answer questions afterwards)
July 11 – Cortland Music Fest (The Doyle – Whiting Band)
July 15 – Hoopes Park, Auburn (The Doyle – Whiting Band)
July 27 – Sherwood Inn R&B Fest, Skaneateles (The Doyle – Whiting Band)
September 13 – Emerson pavilion, Auburn (The Doyle – Whiting Band)

More live dates will be announced as we go.

Mark has been busy recording and producing. This year has seen the release of “Harboring The Day” by Jonah Cohen, “Masters of War” by Andy Pratt, “What I’ve Become” by 12AM, “Bad Woman” by The Penetrators, and “China Ranch” by Frank Briggs. All of these recordings are available at CD Baby except Andy Pratt, available at <>. (Speaking of Andy, he’s playing a solo show at The Redhouse on June 14th, and Mark will guest on a few songs from the Resolution era. It will be Andy’s first show in Syracuse since 1977!)
Mark has also wrapped up production on the first solo album ever from George Egosarian, a founding member of Free Will and Jukin’ Bone. Called “Songs Over Time”, the record highlights George’s singing and playing on songs that he’s written over the last 30 years. It should be out by the end of summer.
Mark also was enlisted for keyboards, percussion and string arrangements on the next acoustic album by Kim Simmonds, called “Out Of The Blue”, slated for a September release.
Another string arrangement was provided by Mark for The Flashcubes on their version of The Move’s “Blackberry Way.”
And rumor has it that the long-awaited CD/5.1 DVD by Laura Austin, “Bittersweetheart”, is ready for release and will be accompanied by some actual live dates this Fall.

That’s it for now – have a glorious Summer!

A lot of activity going on this summer, so let’s get to it: Mark has collaborated with original Jukin’ Bone partner Joe Whiting for their first original project together in 21 years. It’s a brand new album of 12 original songs called “The Truth” and was released on June 1. Mark and Joe will be out performing together over the summer to promote the record. Confirmed dates so far are:

June 1 - The SAMMY Awards, Clinton Square, Syracuse
June 23 - Hanover Square, Syracuse, (double bill with The Kingsnakes)
July 6 – Lucky’s, Cortland
July 22 – Blues Fest, Clinton Square, Syracuse
July 29 – R ‘n B Fest, Skaneateles
August 7 – Hoopes Park, Auburn

Mark was also a special guest at the Apple Jazz Fest this year on June 2. A special event led by Charlie Bertini every year, the level of musicianship was truly superb.

Work is almost complete on the 12 AM record that has been in production for a year and a half. Mark will be in Boston at the end of July to mix the record with Mike Denneen (Fountains of Wayne, The Click Five) behind the board.

The last week of June/early July will see final recording and mixing on the Jonah Cohen album that Mark has been producing off and on over the last few years. The record should be released this Fall.

Response to The ARCHIVE STORE (the area on the site that sells vintage Free Will and Jukin’ Bone recordings) has been so great that not only are we continuing it, we have added two more titles. Click here to check it out.

Lastly, there have been many inquiries about the state of the album Mary Fahl: “From The Dark Side Of The Moon.” Sadly, the original record label has succumbed to the “restructuring” that is a rampant by-product of the state of today’s music industry. Mary’s management and all involved are doing their utmost to find a home at another label for this brilliant creation. We live in hope and will keep you updated.

That’s it for now – have a glorious Summer

Hope everyone had a wonderful summer, and apologies for the LONG time between updates. Things have been busy.

Recording is now complete for the new Mary Fahl CD, to be released on V2 Records in January, 2007. Co-produced by Mark with David Werner, the record was mixed in stereo and 5.1 by Bob Clearmountain at MixThis! in Los Angeles. In addition to production, Mark did most of the engineering and played all of the instruments (except for guest appearances by Pete McMahon on harmonica and Josh Dekaney on drums and percussion). Taking as its concept the complete reinvention of a classic rock album, Fahl, Werner and Doyle dare to take on Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” on Mary Fahl: From the Dark Side of the Moon. Have doubts? Read More

Mark has also completed production on the second Kim Monroe CD, called “New Reality” and available now. Recorded with Kim’s live band, it is soulful, organic, and a big step forward from the first album, with 6 new original songs co-written by Kim and Mark. The band just finished a whole summer of touring to promote the album. Order Here

Believe it or not, manufacturing is getting underway soon for the long-promised second CD from Laura Austin. Called “Bittersweetheart”, it was produced byMark and will be released as a double disc set consisting of a DVD-Audio disc with high resolution 5.1 and stereo mixes (as well as Dolby Digital versions if you don’t have DVD-Audio capabilities), as well as video content, lyrics, photo galleries, etc. The second disc is a conventional CD for the car, iPod, etc. And pre-production has already begun on Laura’s third album, with demos already completed for 7 new songs from the pen of her husband/songwriter Scott Allyn.

Other production duties over the past year were three more songs for Jonah Cohen, making a total of 6 tunes the pair have done together. And Mark produced two songs for 12AM which helped garner them the Sammy Award for Best New Artist in 2006. Check out the MySpace sites for both of these artists togive a listen.

The only live date Mark was able to fit in in the midst of all this production work was a show over Thanksgiving ’05 with Jukin’ Bone at the Turning Stone Casino in Verona. Since plans have been scrapped to officially release either the 2 RCA albums or the Live at the Dinosaur CD, Mark is making them available as one-off CD-Rs at the new Archive Store. Click Here

That’s it for now, have a great Fall.

Summer saw the release of 18-year old Kim Monroe’s full-length CD, producedand co-written by Mark. The great live band that Mark put together for her, featuring Peg Newell on guitar, Will Tobin on keyboards, Matt Hampson on bass and Liz Strodel on drums, played dates throughout the summer and fall.

Summer also saw the Jukin’ Bone reunion at the Sammy’s and the Dinosaur Barbecue. The band cut a live CD from the Dinosaur that will be held for release until this summer when more dates are planned.

Mark worked most of the Autumn on the Solstice at the Cathedral Double DVD, mixed in 5.1 Surround Sound. Finally the show has been captured in all of its glory, recorded and filmed live in 2003. It was released in December, to coincide with this year’s awesome Solstice shows at the Cathedral. New performers featured this year were Andrew and Noah Van Norstrand, Dan Duggan, Victoria Kinney, and The Syracuse Brigadiers Drum Corps, as well as all the regular greats: Joe Whiting, Donna Colton, The Soulstice Singers, The Mandarins, Kenneth Meyer, J. Avery Head, and the fantastic orchestra featuring Jeff Stockham, Brian Scherer, Mark Nanni, Suzanne Stephenson, Matt Vacanti, Pearson Constantino, and Dave DeDiro. This marked the 5th year that Mark served as Music Director and Composer. Solstice at the Cathedral Double DVD

Recording is finished on the new disc by Laura Austin called “Bittersweetheart.” It is being packaged as two discs, one a regular CD and the other a high-resDVD-Audio in 5.1 Surround and 24-bit/88.2k that will also feature interactive lyric and video menus. Look for a Spring release.

January 2005 sees the release of the second volume of the Jimi Hendrix Tribute issued by Comet Records in Italy. It is called “Gypsy Blood – A Tribute to Jimi Hendrix Volume 2.” Along with Robben Ford, Arlen Roth, Pat Travers, Hiram Bullock, Steve Lukather and many others, you can hear Mark’s version of “Little Wing.” Here is what writer Dave Thompson says about it: “And Mark Doyle draws out such a sensitive reading of “Little Wing” that Hendrix’s own greatest performance of the song, the gorgeously soaring rendition that highlighted his In The West live album, is surely the only version you could ever compare it to – hich means there’s a lot of other versions, by a lot of other people, that simply pale alongside it.”

January also sees Mark producing young singer-songwriter Jonah Cohen for an EP, and commencing work on a full album by singer Mary Fahl (October Project) that Mark is co-producing with old pal David Werner for a record label to be announced.

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