This was an amazing record to make. David and I had done killer 4-track demos of the songs. They were so good that we landed a deal that allowed us to produce them. We cut Bob Clearmountain in as co-producer, and settled into Power Station for 6 months. With cohort Thom Mooney on drums, we painted the town red. Once again ensconced at The Mayflower Hotel, our evenings (and sometimes mornings) usually ended up at the bar (called The Conservatory) with Ian Hunter and Mick Ronson.

There was a grand piano there, which I’d man, and we’d indulge in good old English sing-alongs til the wee hours.
One night I stopped for a drink with them and made the mistake of picking up the tab. Little did I know they had been there since morning, and it was about $200!

Ian ended up singing on High Class Blues, and I played on an Ellen Foley record they were producing (although I think Mick ended up redoing my guitar parts.)

Toward the end of this record I was actually commuting to Los Angeles every week to play with Cindy, then flying right back to record again. But this was a great album, one that a lot of people still remember. It’s still on Clearmountain’s top ten, and Bob Ludwig (who mastered it) loves it to this day





EPIC - 1979
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