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“I found the CD's last Friday (Free Will 1971 and 2004). I would have written you sooner, but as you can (or could) plainly see from the look on my face - I'm speechless.

The "Tony Caputo Tapes" CD, . . .carried me home. As I think I told you when we had lunch a couple years back, THE reason why the abominable live recording that I had (which I "conned" out of Don Meiksner) existed in a bazillion formats (cassettes, etc.) was because there WAS nothing to listen to on the way home from one of Free Will's Shows that even approached what we had just witnessed (a gazillion times).

You guys were, and still are, all so individually gifted and talented that the synergy of you guys coming together is, literally, beyond reproach. And not incidentally, kudos to George, who completely shines in the Caputo Tapes. I always knew that, but he gets buried in most of the recordings.

I also loved the live 2004 CD. Thanks for playing the "right" guitar (lol). I wish I was there to see it. And thanks to all of the band for playing. I'll be there next time.

I also need a couple more CD's. Watch for my check. See ya soon.

Still Amazed,
Rick P., Reno, Nevada

“Mark, I received the CD's I ordered, and thank you very much. I was really surprised how fast the turn around time was!!! I listened to the Live at J-E HS, and I loved it. Much less distortion then I was expecting, too. It was/is a great representation of the band back then. Then it made me think of what kids today are missing out on, and how we were spoiled back then, having such a venue to go to, almost weekly!!!

It was really nice to hear Joe calling out to the fans in between songs to get everybody pumped up. I remember him doing that so often. And I know I had to be at that show, my friends & I would go to the Free Will shows all the time no matter where they were. Some of our most favorite times were at the Country Tavern, in Iona Corners. Thanks for making this stuff available, I have been spreading the word to my friends. I will be sending for that Tony Caputo CD in a couple of weeks, so save one for me!! So, thanks again, and I hope there will be a Free Will reunion sometime soon!!
Pat “
Pat M., Auburn, NY

“Hello Mark
Today was such a dark, gloomy, rainy day that I said the heck with the housework and spent most of the day listening to the Free Will CD's. Two songs from the Tony Caputo tapes caught my attention right off - "Someplace is Something" and "Get That Shinin' Sun". I remember hearing these from the Fabin's gigs summer of '70 and this is the first time hearing them since. They both hold up well and enjoyed hearing them again. Nice melodies. Finally a studio version of "Candy Man" and "Carry Me Home". These two were probably my favorites from this period of the band. Awesome bass runs on Carry Me Home Mk1 from John.
I really liked the tamer demo of Whiskey Woman and after listening several times I actually prefer this solo than the RCA version in how you build it up to a crescendo into the more familiar licks. When I play this cd along with the Free Will '69 disc I try to imagine what these tracks might have turned out like with a producer to polish them up. Or better yet, what if you knew then what you know now with recording and production techniques and you produced them how could they could have been.

I find it difficult to believe that with these demo's from both discs that the band didn't get a deal sooner. They are that good. This lineup from '69 ( with Bill Irvin) into '71 was and always has been my favorite and these demos from both periods bring back special memories. The live at J-E High was a really hot gig. A reminder on just how good the band was at that time. The entire band was hot and firing on all cylinders. Your guitar playing was truly exceptional that night . A riveting version of Not Fade Away. I remember when you used to seque into My Generation at some shows. Great live version of Candyman and one of the best versions of Stormy Monday that I have heard when it seemed like everyone was recording one back then. All that distortion gives the recording a certain charm to it. If you play this next to the Jukin' Bone at the Dino and Free Will On Stage the band is still electric. Like fine wine the band got better with age. I thought during Ave Breakdown you would launch into State Police Boogie. Another reminder of the great boogie number at Fabins. A personal thank you for playing Ridin With The Devil and Carry Me Home at the Dino. Awesome live versions. Speaking of Fabins, if there is a good quality tape how about a cd from a one of those shows? And if you have something more than the radio broadcast of your and Joe’s legendary reunion tour of '81, which was some of the best rock I have ever heard from you and Joe.

Once again, thanks so much for making these available. You made one fan very happy. And you have my word of honor that I will not duplicate any of these.

Take Care
John D., Auburn, NY

“This is the first time that I have listened to the two Jukin' Bone albums in their entirety in probably 25 years. The only tracks that I listened to were the ones on the Buried Bones CD. To be honest with you, I hated these albums when first released. Hated the recording, production and the concept with Whiskey Woman. Bitterly disappointed. Way Down East was a little bit better but by then the dream had died.

That being said - I surprised myself at how much I actually enjoyed listening to these albums again. Maybe the passage of time curbed those feelings and a great remastering on CD certainly sounds better than my vinyl copy ever did. As you have said before the songs have always been good. First time I have heard Can't Judge in all that time. Going Down was really my favorite when it first came out having loved Jeff Beck’s version. And it was great listening to Cara Lynn again. Still a bona-fide hit single if there ever was one. Maybe these albums weren't so bad after all. They are classics in their own right.”

John D., Auburn, NY

“Thanks so much for the new 2 on 1 CD - you did a fantastic improvement in the remastering!
We have enjoyed it so much! ...we are fans 35 years later & 2000 miles away!
Thanks for thinking of us! Rock on! Nancy & Hyde”

Nancy & Hyde P., Bacliff, Texas

“ the disc sounds great!!! Thanks again, keep on rockin' let me go disturb my neighbors with some JB!!!
All the best
Gary G., Alexandria, VA

“Hey Mark,
I received the new 2 on 1 remaster, sounds great. I'm totally digging it, can't get the tunes out of my head actually!

Keep on Rockin'
Mike P., Rochester, NY

“Hi Mark,
I got the CD in the mail yesterday and I have to tell you that you did a great transfer job, very clean sound. Great to hear the old tunes. Thank you for all the great songs and live gigs that I got to see with Free Will, Andy Pratt, and the All Stars . Four fellow faculty members at my college have become fans this morning after listening to a few of my favs on the CD. I will be in touch and hope to see you during one of my return visits back home.
Your friend in music,
Steve M., Clearwater, FL

“Mark. I'm completely blown away after listening to your playing and the groove and dynamics that Free Will ('69-'71) owned on these CD's. Thank God for magnetic tape. Endless respect to you.”

Bob B., Genoa, NY


“Mine arrived this afternoon and I put it on after dinner and it DID NOT DISAPPOINT! Excellent recording and the band sounds just as hot as I remembered them. I got a RUSH on hearing the Spirit medley again after all these years!! along with I'm Tired. This is a must! If you weren't around to hear them back then well, NO ONE ELSE was playing this kind of music back then. Every show was electrifying.
I have great memories of this line up. I Believe To My Soul was always a show stopper, and Heart Full of Soul shows off Mark’s arranging skills way back then.

Thanks Ron for the recording and thanks Mark for mastering it and making it available for all of us.”

John D., Auburn, NY

“Mark, my package arrived today, thanks. That’s faster than I ever got any cd when ordering from anywhere! Hooked you up to my P.A. and blasted it. It was almost like being there !!

Anyone that is a Mark Doyle or Joe Whiting, or Doyle Whiting, or Free Will or Jukin’ Bone fan must get this CD !!
Thanks again,

Mike S., Auburn, NY

“Burn your yearbook and replace it with this disc!”

Mike D., Baldwinsville, NY

“This is one of the greatest Free Will CDs ever. It's all different stuff from the other CDs I have of these guys. I HIGHLY recommend it!!”

Pat M., Auburn, NY


“Received CD's yesterday! These "live" CD's are great! No other local bands have ever done anything like this. This fan thanks you and the band! Ordered one more copy of recent order to put away for safe keeping.”

Dan R., Marcellus, NY

“Hi Mark.....hey THANKS so much for the JBone cd's. Such fair prices and fantastic delivery to boot. I'm such a sucker for '70 to '74 melodic hard rock, this stuff is SO in my wheelhouse. Tho am embarrassed to not have known until now, but better late than never. Very cool you're still out there doing it live as well. I'll be turning friends on to these tracks well into summer and beyond. Much respect.”

Kevin H., Chicago

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